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    me too
    By cme

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    I'm pregnant too and haven't told yet- tomorrow is my big day to tell the principal. As for what you can and can't do- early on you can do just about anything. I am classified high risk and my dr said just not to over do anything- you know when you are really straining and sweat is pouring down your face type of stuff. He was fine with me setting up my classroom and moving things around and lifting boxes etc...

    The hardest thing for me is keeping well hydrated since I have to pee so much and my classroom seems to be miles from the nearest bathroom! Oh and the arms over your head really is a myth!

    As for getting extra help without telling- that is tough- I was lucky my daughter is best friends with the head custodian's granddaughter so she heard of my pregnancy pretty fast and it seems like everytime I turn around a custodian is offering to help me do something.


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