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    By Dedi

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    Don't worry about getting the Skittles math book-- I own it, and it's a little much for first grade, especially this early on! Your graphing idea, however, is great! You could also graph how many of each color you actually have. Each child or group could get a bag (or handful, depending how they're packaged). First practice sorting by grouping the skittles by color. Once sorted, they can plot each group onto their graphs. May also yield interesting discussions/observations if there is a lot more/less of one color than all the others (for example, I usually do this w/ M&Ms and there are LOTS of brown ones!) This is a lot of fun and the kids love it!

    Also, since it's the beginning of the year still, you could use them for a getting to know you activity-- offer a bowl of skittles and let each child take a handful-- as much or as little as they want, but they may not eat them yet! Then they must tell one thing about themselves for each skittle. If you want, you can assign each color to a specific topic, or just let them generate. Of course, they may eat the candy after they're done (either activity)!

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