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    estimation activities
    By abby

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    Here are some more ideas to encourage thinking rather than guessing:

    Place 10 (or 25 items) in a small jar and tell the class how many you've put in. The class can observe how much room that takes up in the jar. Using that information have them estimate how many items it would take to fill the jar.


    Fill a jar 1/2, or 1/3, or 1/4 full. Class estimates number then counts to verify. Class can then estimate number in totally filled jar.

    Estimate number of pennies in a jar. Once class has answer, estimate if number of nickels to fill jar would be more or less. Tell why.

    Other things can be estimated such as length (how many paper clips will fit across width of paper, length of paper, length of desk etc.)

    How many steps across the room? to the bathroom? to the gym? to the office or cafeteria?

    Time: how many seconds/minutes to walk to destination in building, how long to do 10 jumping jacks, 20 jumping jacks?
    How long does it take to say the pledge? sing a song?

    Weight: if you have access to scales

    Have fun with it. I agree with previous poster. Remember to encourage "educated, thoughtful" guesses.

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