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    tough girl
    By J/IA

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    I agree with the class meeting idea, but the other thought that came to me was that if this girl feels her circumstances are out of her control, she probably gets some satisfaction (and a feeling of control) from getting a reaction out of people, even if it is all negative. For that reason, do what you can not to react to her behaviors--let her know clearly that there are certain expectation of respect and responsibility in your classroom, and if she isn't ready to follow those expectations, she can _______ until she is ready (time out, cooling off place, etc), then welcome her back with a smile and continue on, of course holding her accountable for whatever she missed while she was gone. Perhaps a consistent loving presence in her life, hand in hand with high behavioral expecatations and accountability will create a nice balance--especially if all the while your class is becoming sensitive to her situation and making renewed efforts to reach out to her. Good luck.

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