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    Don't be overly concerned
    By Kelly

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    First, there is nothing wrong with the term retardation or retarded it is, in many states a term used to define a specific IQ and functioning level. Since the definition exists some students do fit into the category. The word is not wrong, the fact that students be allowed to use it out of context is wrong. If someone should be reprimanded for using the term retarded it is not BLS, who used it in context and appropriately but teachers and parents who allow children to use it as a putdown.

    Next, it is NEVER appropriate to speak of someone's unborn child in the terms that Jan used. Retardation is not a punishment from God for people who put down children. May God watch over you and your unborn child!!

    Don't take Political Correctness to unnecessary levels, BLS was using the term that would have been correct in my state and possibly hers. She was also using it to describe a condition, not name call. I too teach special education students and yes, some of them are mild mentally retarded, does that make ME a bad person.

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