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    By BLS

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    Hey. I knew I was going to say something to upset someone. Special education is a touchy thing and it has so many laws that go along with it that I do not know. I used the term "retarded" because that is what 2 of the sped teachers called him, except it had more with it like something, something retarded. See, I do not have a clue here. My whole arguement is that putting me (a 3rd year teacher who has only had one Intro to sped class)in with these children is wrong because I am not qualified to teach them or help them. And some people may not agree, but I do not want to. If I wanted to be a special education teacher, I would have a degree in it. What's the point in separating the two anymore if teachers who are certified to teach regular education are made to teach these children? I am not knocking down the sped teachers door to take my regular ed kids. Whose to say they are not "special" too? The reason I am taking these kids is so that the sped teacher can have an hour break. If I do not take them for Social Studies then she will have students all day. She will not have a planning period. All of the teachers take these children for those reasons.
    I am mad because I do not want to "babysit" children at school. If I am going to babysit, I want babysitting pay. Let's see, I make $1577 a month, if I get babysitting fees parents would pay $10 a day for 5 days. That's $50 a day per 25 kids. That would come to $5000 a month. Maybe I should just open a daycare.
    Oh, I have an update on my situation. Friday, the sped teacher came to me and said that I would have to keep the "boys" ALL DAY because she was moving furniture. I was giving a math test so I marched myself over to the principals office and told him everything. And I told him I wanted help, training or something because If he was ok with my babysitting I would do it but I was not happy and I just wanted him to know this. He called the sped teacher to his office and said that I was not to have those children all day and that when they came to me I was to have her or an assistant . He sent 2 assistants to me Friday. I did not believe he would back me in this or I would have gone to him sooner.
    And I must say, special education teachers must be sent here from God to serve as angels. I do not see how they do what they do and have such a total respect for them. I am just not cut out for it. I do not make fun of children and just because I called one retarded does not mean that I cannot love them. I just do not know how to help them. If I have a retarded child I would get the best help I can, but I do not appreciate you putting that bug in my head. I am doing all I can to insure that I have a health baby. You do not know me, so don't assume that you do.

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