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    By christi

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    I am a general education teacher and I have 3 MR students and one of those students has severe behavioral problems. Last year, I had 9 out of 32 special needs students. You can do it! My classroom is self-contained so I teach them social studies, also. During my ss time, they are expected to try their best to follow along in the books with us (they avg 1-2 grade level). I partner them with someone they like and who I feel will be able to help if needed. I ask both partners if they would like to have a partner and if they would like to be with the sp needs student, etc. I don't always put the brightest children with them. It's who they feel comfortable with. During SS I try not to do a lot of written work or independent readings. We dramatize a lot of the lessons and that enables all of the students to become involved. We also do a lot of drawings (we draw our visualizations from the reading). When it comes time to look up voc. I give my sp needs students fewer words to look up. I also give them the page the word is on. It depends on how low they are as to what I do for each child. On the tests, I read the test to them individually and I give them fewer questions. If the question has an A,B, C, D answer, I will eliminate 2 of the answers so they have fewer to choose from. I do not give them fill in the blank unless they have a word bank. If I am running short on time I will give them an oral test, also. I hope I have helped you. Maybe this post was not too confusing! Oh, yeah! I also let them listen to the lesson from a tape. Good luck!

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