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    first day
    By vl

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    Hi, congratulations on your first year teaching!
    I felt the same way about my room three years ago when it was my first year. I couldn't get into my room until the afternoon before I was to greet parents and students.
    I've learned a few helpful things since then.
    On the first day, I now spend quite a bit of time going over class routines and my expectations.
    We play some ice breaker games and do some very easy work. The students usally can't wait to use all of their new school supplies. We also mark any of the supplies that came in unmarked and put things into their places.
    A tip I got last year from a seasoned teacher was to have the kids create a paper quilt about their summer fun. You provide a white square piece of paper to each student. I think I used 6"x6". Then I gave them an assortment of smaller colored pieces of paper. They were to cut or tear the paper and create a scene from their summer fun. I put the squares onto a large piece of colored kraft paper and displayed the next night for back to school night. The kids enjoyed the activity and the parents liked seeing that they had already done something. Plus it can be used as one of your bulletin boards for a short while. Some teachers like to take their students on a tour of the campus. I had a snack to give each child for their first recess. I like to take each student's picture on the first day, I use copies of those pictures for various bb displays and crafts throughout the year.
    I also had several of our easier centers up so they could get an idea of how those would work in our class. We explored our textbooks for awhile too.
    I read a book that I had checked out from the library about the first days of school. (There are several) I think I gave them an extra recess that afternoon to kind of break up the first day back from summer vacation, most aren't ready for a full day of instruction right away. Sorry this is so long, but I hope it helps. Just remember to have more things planned than you think you'll have time to do.

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