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    By Joan

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    I'd say base ten blocks and place value charts are excellent tools in learning multi-digit addition and subtraction. I also found this at a website for you:

    Some of the most frequently used math manipulatives in a fourth grade classroom are:

    -- unit blocks (also called Deines Blocks), used in place value explorations, concrete representations of the four basic number operations, and geometry explorations (area, perimeter, volume),

    -- multicolored 1 inch cubes and squares (area, perimeter and volume studies; probability -- combinations and permutations),

    -- power blocks (based on powers of 2), used for patterning, geometry explorations, and fraction activities,

    -- pattern blocks (various geometric shapes with size relationships), used for patterning, geometry explorations, and fraction activities,

    -- fraction charts and pieces, used for concrete representations of equivalencies, and practicing basic operations,

    -- tangrams (used to study shapes in geometry),

    -- measurement tools (tape measures, yard sticks and meter sticks, protractors, assorted gram weights and balances, bathroom scales) and number lines, used for size explorations and practicing the basic operations, and calculators, used for patterning (to remove the tedium from complex calculations, and to allow students to make generalizations and inferences about the results of calculations) and problem solving (to allow students to focus on the operation, and the reasonableness of their result).

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