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    Stressed out as well...
    By Melissa

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    Cindi, I also graduated on the Dean's List and thought I'd get a job SOMEWHERE...even if it wasn't my ideal grade. I did get close to a junior high LA/SS job, but I backed out of the interview process. Some of my family and friends thought I was nuts until I told them that the job only paid $13,000/yr. and included a lot of (no additional pay) extra-curriculars. I also thought that it would be better to student teach so that I can get to know the schools and principals. The trouble is sub work is just don't know how often you'll be working. I also had an arguement with my mother about getting some type of part-time job to pay the bills. She believes in me but can't help financially. I'm trying to figure out how I can work another job, be available to sub, and spend time with my daughter all at once? I left a good job to get certified and sacrificed for three years living on student loans and sub work to get to this goal of having my own room this fall. Now with no room and no income things are stressful and I feel like I'm in the same place I was before the degree and certificate...only I have no more student loans to sustain the major bills. Keep your head up as I am...I know I'm good at teaching and have the grades, evaluations, and notes from students to prove it. It helps to look at those for encouragement. I also believe there is a reason why I'm not teaching yet. I have faith that something will come around whether it's this week, middle of the school year or even next fall. It may not be my ideal now but will turn out to be for the best.

    Sorry this is long....Hang in there!

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