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    Chatty Group help
    By Cathy

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    I had the same type of week. I have 4th graders who rotate for their classes as well and I feel like I didn't spend enough time with my home group going over expectations. Starting this week, I'm going to make it the first part of every lesson to go over class rules and the reason behind each one.
    As far as being chatty, I have an idea I'm going to try. I have a huge stuffed animal in my classroom and the kids love him. I'm going to use this as incentive. Each class can earn 5 points per day for being quiet coming into the room, during transition times, not calling out, quiet lining up and quiet in the hallways. At the end of the week, the class that has earned the most points will get to keep "Lurky" in their homeroom. I did this several years ago with a chatty group and it worked really well. They would come into class and check the board to see how many tally marks the section before them had earned. (Positive peer pressure!) Each Friday, I would award "Lurky" to the homeroom with the most points. You could hear them cheering as they saw me walking into their classroom because they knew they had won. It became fun for all of us to see who was going to get him each week. I didn't use this idea for a few years, but I think I may need to bring it back this year. Good luck with your chatty group! Hope this helps.


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