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    first grade behavior
    By Colleen

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    My year got off to a rocky start. I had the kids sitting in groups of 4 or 5 (28 kids). Since they were in each other's face they didn't listen to me. The third day I switched seats facing front in rows. They sit 2X2. What a world of difference. They were super! They take up more space this way but they did better because they could see me.

    I also use the cards and the tallies. Tallies seem to work the best because they are more positive. The group with the most tallies get a treat(sticker, bookmark, candy) at the end of the day. Most days everyone gets a treat because they all earn the same amount. Some days no one gets a treat if they are crazy.But when you have the few that try you to your last nerve then the cards seem to show them a punishment is in store for them if they keep it up. This helps keep those kids in line and shows them I mean business.

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