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    need more advice
    By Sara

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    We had a better week this past week. I will probably tell the kids on Tuesday morning, first thing, that we had few issues this past week. I will compliment them in this way.

    One of my students wasn't present at the class meeting we had last week. On Friday afternoon, during recess, he decided to solve his problem on a very negative way. A boy decided to grab the ball from him, then managed to get the ball away from the other boy and throw it as forcefully as he could at the other boy. Then, he angrily demanded that I allow him to go to the principal to tell him about it. My response to that was that he needed to cool himself down. I also told him that he needed to learn how to try to solve his problem with the other student, and that he couldn't run to the principal to help him solve all of his problems. I told him that if he couldn't solve it with another child, that he should come to me first.

    Based upon this problem, I think I will address this issue of chain of command and steps to conflict resolution with the class. Does anybody have a set of steps that they use for this process? I was thinking of:

    1. Count to ten and cool down. It necessary, remove yourself from the situation until you are calm enough to speak about it.
    2. Try to talk it out. How could the problem be solved?
    3. Seek out the teacher for help.
    4. If necessary, the teacher will refer the issue to the guidance counselor, principal (or assistant principal).

    I will try not to have any more class meetings during recess time. I don't think it will be necessary.

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