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    Computer Software
    By Jenny

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    Hi...yes, Office will work on Macs. My lab at school and all of the classrooms are equipped with new Macs and they all have Office on them. If you go to, they should have all of their products listed. You may be able to order from there or at least get some contact numbers. I have Printshop and I love it...I'm sure it's compatible. However, I have found that I use Microsoft Publisher for newsletters, etc. so I don't use my Print Shop as much. Office also has Powerpoint which is nice if you can hook your classroom computer up to an overhead to display for all of your students can see. My advice is to buy Office first, then see if there's a specific thing that you want that it doesn't have. Office has tons of graphics and you can also download graphics from their website if there's something your program doesn't have. I bought the entire Office 2000 program last year from a deal with my University for $30. It's around $200 when you buy it in the stores, so be sure to check around and see if you can get a teacher discount. I know that my school district gets discounts on EVERYTHING...I can buy computers, software, etc. through my district at a discounted price so you may also want to check with your district technology person. I hope this helps! Post if you have anymore questions!

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