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    Those college professors...
    By Sue

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    Well maybe. Just imagine the conversation when they go home from a hard night of lecturing for two to three hours:

    "Jane, darling, I'm home."

    "How was your class, dear?"

    "Oh, it was wonderful. I can see that I am getting through to my students. They actually took notes tonight. Some of my students are doodling. They are creating visual images of my very words! And, someone asked me what was the maximum length their papers should be! Imagine that. I must really be inspiring."

    "Oh you are, dear."

    "Anyway, next week I am hoping that my discourse on Plato's Republic will get a great dialogue going. I am so excited. Tiffany, don't wait up for me. I'm going to retype my notes from my 1979 class."

    "Dear, I thought you were using your notes from your 1983 class. You remember, when I was your student, and we first met?"

    "I was, but this bunch is "chomping at the bit," if you will. I am thinking about picking up the pace. My lectures from 1979 will be "just the ticket," if you forgive my bohemian vernacular."

    "Oh, dear, you are such an intellectual funnyman!"

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