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    Tough question by Jen
    By Deni

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    Jen, in my area, it takes a good sub about one school year to get a reputation established where teachers, secretaries and principals are calling you regularly to sub. But, if your school districts are advertising for subs, your situation may be different from mine. My first year, I would work 3 to 4 days one week, then no calls for 2 to 3 weeks. Of course, I was only available three days a week for three elementary buildings in the district. I'd say the more districts' sub lists you're on, the better your chances are of getting calls most days. Sorry if this isn't helpful, but this is a difficult question for anyone not familiar with your school districts and building principals. One substitute teacher trainer told us that some principals just start at the top of the alphabetized sub list and start calling until they find a sub available. Other principals start at the middle of the sub list and work their way down. Still others may just pick a random spot each time to start and go from there. Of course, teachers may request a particular sub, and usually principals will call the teacher's requested sub if possible. Also, in my districts, there is more of a demand for subs in middle and high school grades. So, if you're interested in subbing K through 12, you probably would sub every school day in my area. That's what I've heard from other subs.

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