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    By Kim D.

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    Hi, I also teach second grade and used this book on the second day. We also graphed how many letters were in our names, but we took it a step further. I told the kids we were going to count how many letters total were in all our names. I had each child get Unifix cubes equal to the letters in their name, then I had them make as many trains of ten at their tables (4 students) as they could and combine the leftovers. We lined all the sticks of ten on the chalkboard ledge and counted by ten to see how many there were so far. Then I called one student at a time from each table to bring their leftover cubes up. Before I asked the next child up, I asked how many more cubes do I need to make a stick of ten? We ended up with 169 cubes for our class. The kids liked it so much they want to do the same thing with their last names now. Let me know if this is unclear and I'll try to clarify.
    Good luck,

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