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    Open House Night
    By Crystal

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    My schools open house is very similar. Ours is called Curriculum Night. The parents meet in the Gym and our Principal speaks to them and introduces the staff.

    Then we go to our rooms. We have 2-20minute intervals. The parents come in and I briefly go through the curriculum/textbooks. I also review my class procedures and the various ways we can communicate.

    On each student's desk, their is:

    *a district core curriculum booklet
    *a packet of info. from me-- I put together a little packet of info. about each academic subject, and various things about my classroom. Such as: class expectations, class behavior policy, homework policy, parent-teacher communication, etc.
    *a letter from the students: Earlier that day, the students write a letter to the parents explaining the "high points" of our room, what they should look at, and thank them for coming.
    *there is also a blank form for the parents to write back to their child. I have a generic letter made up for the students whose parents don't attend. That way in the morning, every student has a letter to read.
    *there is also a little business card that I made up with the school phone number, my e-mail address and any other import. info. I laminate it and put a magnet on the back so the parents can stick it on their fridge.

    Also, I have a field trip sign up and a parent volunteer sign up sheet.

    Lastly, I have a tree drawn on the whiteboard, with paper apples taped to it. On each apple, I wrote something that I would like donated to our classroom, such as film, postage stamps, zip-lock baggies, paper plates, etc. It is called the Giving Tree.

    I hope this helps.

    There is a letter that the students

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