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    Substitute Folder Contents
    By Angela

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    I am a third year teacher who just switched schools. I am currently creating a new folder for my new position. I used a three ring binder. Inside the front cover I put a list of 101 ways to praise a child. Then I put a table of contents page. I started with a cute teacher joke and a short one paragragh thank note to the sub. The contents are as follows:
    1. Maps of classroom and school - label where to find things
    2. Schedule - one for teacher and one for students if different from yours
    3. Seating chart
    4. Important Information - teacher references, helpful students, daily routines, etc.
    5. Discipline Plan
    6. Helpful forms - Substitute report form, class checklists, etc.
    7. Duty Schedule
    8. Alternative Lesson plans for all subjects - in case there was no time to leave specific plans or the sub can not understand your plans.
    9. Fill-In Activities and other resources - things I find on the internet that might be useful.

    I got pretty specific on my folder. This may be more than you need, but i've been a sub before and these folders are VERY useful!!!!

    Hope this helps!

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