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    Cow Fun
    By Krissy

    Clip to ScrapBook
    Welcome: "WELCOME TO (NAME's) HERD!" with a big barn and
    Reading: Make a take off of the "Drink Milk, It does a body
    good!" and do something with " does a brain good!"
    Student information: "In the Mooooos (instead of news)
    Behavior Managment: A good visual would be to make a barn
    where each student has a cow. Move the cow outside of the
    barn for a warning, and farther from the barn for each
    Student of the Week: "Someone to MOOOOO about!"
    Calendar/Daily Information: "MOOVIN' THROUGH THE YEAR!"
    REWARD COUPONS: Call them "Moo Money"
    CLASS GOAL: Put up a large cow and add spots to him for a
    class reward. Or make a paper milk jug and add white paper
    strips to slowly fill it up
    ABSENT STUDENTS: Make a folder with a picture of a sad
    looking cow... "Moo Hoo, We missed you!" to store missed
    assignments in for when they return.
    JOBS CHART: Make little cows for each student. Put up green
    paper and sprigs of grass. Write jobs on clothespins and
    glue up. Rotate cows. Label it "Helpin' Out in the Pasture!
    COMPUTER BACKGROUND: Put a picture of a cow!

    Maybe use other farm elements to add....
    MORNING ACTIVITY: Call it the "Rooster Call"
    READING CORNER: Call it the "Barnyard" and put a paper white
    picket fence on the wall, some nice carpet, cowprint pillows,
    and several pictures of cows (and other farm animals on the

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