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    Wax Museum
    By Emily

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    The two fourth grade teachers at our school do this every year (and have done it for 5 years). It is always an incredible experience! The students write reports about the person they are going to be, and then from that report create a short speech in first person telling about themselves (in character- they dress up to the hilt the day of the wax museum).
    They are set up all over our library and classes rotate in and out to hear about their chosen historical figure.
    This has been a great hit at our school, and has become a tradition. I like that you have them choose people from your state. Our teachers have them choose people from the region of the US they are studying at the time (some years it's the northeast, sometimes the southwest, it just rotates every year). Although they study all regions every year, they rotate regions for the museum so students don't do the same people year after year, and because they study both state history and regions of the US in 4th grade, they are able to get a wider variety of people represented in the museum.
    I would say go for it! It is such a neat experience, and the students really get to engross themselves in one person and really study that person's life. It is also good for the rest of us at school, as the students learn about many diff. Americans from history each year.

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