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    By Sandy

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    I guess it depends on what grade you teach. I teach 2nd grade and use homework as an extension of the things we do in class and as a responsibility thing. I don't take it for a grade. I have a homework basket and when the students come in they put it in the basket. I glance at a few problems say in Math and if they have the concept I put a star on the paper and file it in their mailbox. When I taught 4th grade I gave them a homework packet every Monday that had all of their homework in it for the week. They had to turn it in on Friday morning and I didn't accept late work. I had a parent who came in on Friday mornings and checked it for me. They would turn in their homework with the cover sheet that I had given them on Monday stapled on the front. She went through and checked that everything was turned in and complete. Anything missing or incomplete was highlited on the cover sheet. Then at the end of the day, I handed them out with a small sticker for the complete ones. The stickers were put on our homework chart. When a student got 4 in a row (a month's worth of homework) turned in, they earned a treat. If they missed a week, they had to start over. The parents loved this system because it gave them flexibility to do homework around baseball, piano and scouts. I didn't care if they did all their homework on Monday night or waited until Thursday night as long as it all came back completed on Friday.

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