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    Rainforest ideas
    By C.C.

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    I am a librarian for a K-4th grade school. I am going to also try to do a rainforest this year. I have bought nets at a craft store to hang in my reading corner from the celing,then I can hang vines, monkeys, and snakes from it. I also purchased raffia in large packages in natural and green colors. Have hung it over my large windows to look like grass. Could also make a grass hut with a cardboard box. Have seen it done. Also a teacher used an alligator air mattress as a reading chair. I purchased items from a teachers store that are for bulletin boards,etc. I also purchased a rainforest book with activites and information on the rainforest, such as what animals live there, the different layers of the rainforest, and locations of different rainforests. I plan on purchasing a coconut and cutting it open, then letting the kids taste shredded coconut which I will buy in packages. I have too many students to let eat from the actual coconut. If the class was smaller they could sample the actual nut. Could be done with banana tree also. I also have found a book at school about the rainforest that gives details on a rubber tree. Could also do a study regarding chocolate,coffee beans etc. Not sure what age students you have. I am making a palm tree by covering tall tubular shaped boxes with brown construction paper, and making large leaves from green construction paper. I have been able to find lots of rainforest books. Also found rainforest sounds on a C.D.
    If you have any fun ideas please send me the info.
    Good Luck

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