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    Homework Calendars
    By Sharon D.W.L

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    I also send home monthly calendars with one or two things to complete each night Monday to Thursday. Usually Tuesday and Thursday are Spelling related once we start Spellings because of the quiz/test the next day. Monday and Wednesday is Math/Science/Soc. St or Health related. Friday I collect Moose Books (communication books) and homework to date stamp and place a sticker if completed. I do mark a few things but not usually at the beginning of the year. Last year I did an internet search (I think on pro teacher) using "homework" and used the examples I found to make up my own calendars using a word processing program (MS Word) for each month. Some items were not very practical for my students so I used what worked and adapted a few things too. I hope to again use some of the ideas and adapt others to suit the needs of my students.

    The items are sometimes very simple things that I don't need to check or even know about. For example: Find 3 things that are green.

    I might ask at morning message for the children to tell me something they found at home that was green but I don't mark it nor do I know if they actualy did it. Last year I did have one student who drew me pictures in his Homework book of the three things. His mother labelled them for him. I was so impressed I wrote a note home to thank the mother for her support and gave him a special sticker.

    Homework is not a high priority for most families in our area but I do think it is important to try. I'd love to try and get my students reading more but many don't have books. If I send books home I don't see them again so it is usually photocopies that I send of emmergent readers so it's no big deal if they come back. However, this is very time consuming. Also Scholastics have a monthly package called Let's Find Out that we used last year that comes with a small booklet and a few posters. The Teacher's Guide comes with class size posters, a homework sheet and a copy of the booklet. The grade one teachers wanted it re-ordered for this year and we even got subscriptions for our whole division (K-2). These are usally monthly themes that anyone can use in the classroom and then send the studnet's copy home once we cover it a few times.


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