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    Game Theme
    By Krissy

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    Board Game Theme

    *Welcome Banner: Use a computer program like Print Shop to make a banner for your wall that says "Get in the game of learning in ___ grade!" and put game related graphics all around the message.

    *Welcome Board: Make paper dice and put one students name on each circle of the dice. Put the dice all around the board with the message "Rolling into a new school year!" or "Look who's rolling into Ms. ____'s room!"

    *First Day Project: Give each student a puzzle piece to decorate (cut apart a piece of posterboard). Put back together, laminate, and put up the message "We all fit in!" for a year round room decoration.

    *Ceiling Decorations: Use posterboard and make large two sided game pieces...dominoes, checkers, chess pieces, sorry game pieces, silver monopoly pieces, or even giant 3-dimensional dice. You could hang these all around at varying heights to catch students attention.

    *Homeworkopoly: ( Use this to give students an incentive for doing homework.

    *Behavior Management (Classroom Goal): Make giant scrabble letters out of construction paper to spell out a certain word (like RECESS). Post these on a board and each time the class earns a compliment, add a letter. When they earn all letters they get some free time.

    *Student Desk Nametags: Make game themed tags for scrabble by creating the letters inside boxes with a little a number in the corner (you could make these with Print Shop or Microsoft Word) OR Make Monopoly themed tags that are the little property cards that say things like "William's Place" or "Sarah Avenue"

    *Board Clip Magnets: Make magnets for your board by using clothespins, old gamepieces, and plain magnets. Glue one to two large magnets to the back of a clothespin. You could even paint the clothespins different colors if you want. Then glue various game pieces on the fronts of the clothepins. Checkers, chess pieces, Sorry pieces, old puzzle pieces, etc. would work well.

    *Fabric: Use game related fabric with dice on it, or game pieces to cover some of your bulletin boards. I have seen monopoly fabric and other popular games.

    *Bulletin Board Border: Tape some old Monoploy money together end to end and laminate it for a bulletin board border.

    *Window Clings: Create game themed window clings by printing out clip-art of board games on printable window clings. (

    *Good Work Board: "Winning Work!" Put up a solid color background with a border and print out small pictures of games (You can get free clip art at MSN Clip Art Gallery) and glue dice onto clothepins, and work can be clipped up as it is chosen for the board.

    *Behavior Management (Individual) Get a large pocket chart and ask a local airline or casino to donate playing cards. Give each student an Ace, 2,3,4,5 or whatever sequence you choose. Each student has five cards in their pocket in order. For each infraction, they flip a card to the next level. It can easily be reset at the end of the day. "Play a Winning Hand and Make Good Behavior Choices!"

    *Reward Coupons: Create some classroom money for students to earn for good behavior (not switching levels) or earn through homeworkopoly, etc. You could give them a game theme by using monopoly money, call them tokens, or give them a creative name tied to your name, for example, if your name were Ms. Porter, call them "Porter Points"

    *Operation Reward: Keep this small board game on your desk to use as a reward. When asking a tough question, or catching a student being good, let them have a chance to "operate" and if they get the piece out successfully, give them a treat like a jolly rancher or an extra credit point.

    *Classroom Jobs: Make a large black and white chess board and make a chess piece for every student with their name on it. Put the jobs on the squares of the chess board and students names can be rotated around the board to switch jobs. Title: "CHECK MATE! We help out!"

    *Reading corner/library area: Line the walls with blue paper, and make some trees and pictures similar to that on the "game of life" board. Use the same colors as they do on the cover of the box, PINK-BLUE-GREEN-ORANGE where they spell out LIFE and spell out R-E-A-D instead. Message: "Reading is a fun part of the game of life!" or "When you read, you always win!" For an incentive board for this area, make a little paper car for every student and line them up on the wall, for every book read, move the car a desginated space.

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