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    By Jody

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    I used homeworkopoly last year for the first time in my class and the kids loved it. Our days were too busy to use it everyday so we only used it on Fridays. If a child had all homework for the week turned in (even if it was a day late...great incentive to have it turned in by Friday)...they got to roll one die and move their piece around the homeworkopoly board. Certain spaces on the board were designated specials and other spaces like "pencil place", etc... just got a small treat from the candy jar like a Jolly Rancher. One of the big spots said Mystery Prize and they got in my little treasure box. Another says Brain Binders and they're paper folding puzzles that the homeworkopoly site has a link to. You print them out on your printer and can copy them on your machine at school. My kids especially liked the Chance cards because they had neat "prizes" on them like 'sharpen your pencil whenever you wanted' or 'use the teacher's desk today'. Of course, I handpicked the Chance cards I was willing to live with for the year before we started the game. At the beginning of the year I randomly placed each student's game piece in a different spot on the board so they weren't bunch up. I also ran a strip of velcro around the inside of the board and attached a piece on each child's game piece to make the moving easy. I made their game pieces by going to a program like Print Shop and printing off 24 vehicles,laminating, cutting them out, and writing their name on them with permanent black marker. I had the best success with homework that I've had in my 16 years teaching. Hope this helps!

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