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    I too live in Tennessee
    By Tricia

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    I just found out tonight that everyone laid off because of the budget crisis were rehired except me! I was hired for the last three months of school when a teacher suddenly diead and everyone was amazed at how grreat a job I did. I've been subbing and doind interims for 2 years and thought I'd finally found a place to stay. What makes it even harder is that they transfered a teacher that plans on retiring after this year into my room! Everyone is shocked! I'm shocked! I am so devestated and to add to it all my husband's job will be phased out at the end of the month and I really needed this job for the insurance as well as doing something I've loved up until now. We are 41 years old and do not want to have to relocate our family. I always thought I was tough but I've spent the last 4 hours crying. Their not hiring me back has broken my heart.

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