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    Read and Write the Room
    By Julianne

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    Reading and writing the room are two easy-to-set-up centers.

    Read the room involves giving a child some kind of pointer and allowing them the opportunity to read any printed matter you have in your classroom (we sometimes read the hall or even the whole school!). The child will be familiar with the names of his classmates which are posted on cubbies, etc., classroom rules charts, poems, interactive writing pieces, and any other environmental print you have placed in your classroom. They can point and read alone or in pairs.

    Write the room is somewhat the same. Students are supplied with a clipboard or other writing table and a pencil and paper. They choose a piece of print from your room and write it on their paper. Kids in my classroom often copy our interactive writing pieces or poems that we've read together and hung on the walls. They want to take them home to read to a parent.

    These are two centers that any teacher can run with minimal preparation and expense.

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