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    Instead of giving the kids "canned prompts" help them each create their own library of prompts. On a plain 81/2 x 11 paper, have then draw a series of circles like a bulls eye (they may use their compass). They write their name in the center most circle. In the next circle they write the names of family and friends, pets, etc. In the outer most circle, (the biggest one) they write a few words to remind them of something that happened between themselves, family, friends, pets, etc. (ie: appletree/broken arm, Frizzy hides a bone-dad's cell phone). Attach the page to the front cover of their journal. These can be possible prompts for a story or journal entry. As the year progresses, the kids can add ideas & names to their bullseye. If they ever get stumped for a journal entry, simply look over the bullseye for an idea. I think writing about something they have experienced or know first hand may be a lot easier than responding to a prompt provided by someone else.

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