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    By Kim

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    Where do you live? Around here, the older applicants get hired first regardless if they just got out of school! I don't think you should feel bad...I don't see how age could keep from getting the job you wanted. They say it's who you know and maybe that's what happened with your classmate that got C's. I had a principal to tell me one time that nearly all applicants are upper-level students who have awards etc. to show off, it's what the person does that is different and special that makes them remembered. I don't know exactly how different or how special he meant because he didn't hire me! Anyhoo, my point is don't give up. I've been out looking for a job for 3 summers now. I've seen people get hired that graduated after me and I've seen them make mistakes I've already learned how to avoid. It is extremely frustrating, I agree, not to mention how bad it hurts. If you don't get anything this year, get your name and face out there. Do some subbing and if you get lucky an interim or two. Those are the things that get you remembered. Keeping trudging along and keep your head held high! Good luck!

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