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    Teaching Portfolio
    By Stacie Gadlage

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    I have taught for three years and have been in two different school systems in Georgia (due to relocation). I will tell you what I have in my portfolio and hopefully it will help. Let me know if you need any more information!

    *Student teaching is not included in my teaching portfolio, since I had to do a separate one for college. In this portfolio, I had my philosophy of education, lessons plans that I taught, samples of student work from the lessons, evaluations from professors, reference letters, and any awards that I received while I was in college. I do take this portfolio with me on interviews, along with my most current teaching experiences.

    *Throughout my portfolios, I have used educational scrapbooking materials and stickers that I have bought at Wal-Mart to make it more creative and interesting.

    1. Cover- I made my cover reflect what I feel about teaching. I have a cute hands-on picture of one of my classes with the finished product of a Mexican unit that we did. I then put a theme on it that went along with my philosophy of education.

    2. Philosophy of Education page/on the back I have my current resume.

    3. Title page for each school: name of school, principal's name, address, phone number, how many students in the school, the grade that I taught, and how many kids I had in my room.

    4. Behind that I include some lesson plans, pictures of the children at centers, pictures of hands-on activities with a brief description of each, works samples from the children, and a separate page of the listed curriculum that I used to teach the children (publishers, particular reading programs, assessment methods that were used at the school, etc.).

    I then did this same format for my second school. I always put the most current school first in the portfolio.

    5. After the school sections, I included a separate section that had my discipline system listed, as well as copies of weekly and daily checklists that I have used with particular students and the class as a whole.

    6. I then have a section of the observations that have been recorded by the administrators. In Georgia, you have to be observed three times a year for the state, for three years. I have copies of these for principals to look at, as well as my annual evaluation by my principal.

    7. My last section is a section of my reference letters that principals and professors have written for me. I also have a few personal reference letters included too.

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