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    behavior modification
    By christine

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    I've used behavior cards for the past 2 years.I use an apple theme (apple cut-outs). We keep sticker charts for each child and when they remain on a the 1st card all day(green apple) they get a sticker. 5 stickers= a prize A yellow apple is a warning, a red apple 10 minutes times out at recess, and a blue apple is loss of recess and a note home. For those that usually don't make the green apple I also give small stickers throughout the day when "caught" being good. These are kept on their folder and at the end of the month we count them up and I again give small prizes for the studens with over a certain amount. (They circle groups of ten stickers to make counting easier) You really have to try and catch those students when they are behaving to reenforce the positive behavior. It's worked great!

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