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    By D

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    The spare pencil trade really works for me. I solved the problem with not having pencils to trade by telling the students they could only have two pencils in their desks. Whenever the "Needs Sharpened" can gets low, I just have them check their desks (usually at the end of the day) and have them return any extra pencils they have. (I usually get plenty back during desk cleaning which we do every other Friday).

    As a class job, one student (the pencil manager) sharpens the pencils either during recess or at the end of the day so it doesn't take up my time. I invested in an electric pencil sharpener so it is faster/easier for him/her. My manual one is awful!

    I was worried about the students wasting pencils (breaking pencils purposefully etc.) so I told the class I would only open one box of pencils a month. If they used up the pencils, they would owe me class money. It worked so well I had 10 spare boxes at the end of the year!

    Good luck!

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