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    By jess

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    I knew a teacher who only let certain pencils into the class which were purchased by her. that worked for her, but it seems like more work and certainly more money for the teacher to spend. I like to let kids buy their own pencils, sometimes it's so exciting for them to choose which pencil to use! I have all the kids keep a little case in their desk which holds crayons, pencils, erasers, and scissors and glue stick. My class was so good about pencils this year, and I think I owe it to my electric pencil sharpener that was quite ornary! It would shut off when it was overused, so the kids would never know if they'd be able to get their pencil sharpened when I attempted to do the whole class. (I would only sharpen once a day for everyone, if that.) Also, I would never really let them sharpen themselves. I would call by table, and let them bring 2 pencils only, so they'd have to choose which 2 to bring, and if they were purposely broken, I would not sharpen till next day. Believe it or not, this seldom happened after the 2nd week of school! In the event that a student broke a pencil and had no more in his or her case, I had a pencil can with usually plain pencils in it that they could help them selves to. Yes, the contents of this can would sometimes dwindle down to nothing, but I didn't care because I would just get more from my desk or from the ones that I had found on the floor! And whenever I bought pencils for the whole class, I'd put their initials on it with a sharpie toward the top. They loved it! jess

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