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    Star of the Week
    By DJ

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    I randomly choose students weekly. I am the 1st kid of the week. Each student fills out an "All About Me" sheet. My schedule is as follows:

    Mon. - student puts up bulletin board
    Tues. - student explains bb using a pointer and reads all about me sheet
    Thursday - classmates fill out acrostic about the kid of the week
    Example: John is fun to play with
    Oh boy is he a fast runner
    He is a great soccer player
    Never treats people mean
    The kid of the week picks their favorites from all of the examples and then I put the poem on a poster, and everyone in the class signs it.
    Fri - the kid of the week has an activity that is a surprise for the rest of the class
    Examples are extra recess, parents may bring in a snack, we have had a hot dog roast given by the parents, show a short video, play kickball, etc.

    I stress to the parent that there should be no cost to the students, and no one is expected to spend money. This really works out well, and I have one special activity each week. My favorite last year was one girl wanted to have pajama day in our classroom and have each student bring in a stuffed animal. I had a 5th grader come up to me and say that they never got to do that with me. And I had to remind her that it was a kid of the week activity. Enough said. One last thing is that the kid of the week is the teacher helper all week. That way the student picks the helpers and each student is sure to have helped me with all my classroom jobs.

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