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    Star of the Week
    By Emily

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    I do star of the week, and it goes in alphabetical order (regardless of behavior) that way everyone gets a chance to shine, and the "bad" kids aren't left wondering if they will ever get to be star of the week. I start with myself so they can get to know me, and so they will kinda know what to expect to bring/showcase. I teach 5th by the way. I have a bb in our room, and they are responsible for putting their things up on Monday, and for taking them down on Friday. I take as much work off me as possible. I don't let them bring in 3-d objects, just drawings or pictures that they have (we don't have room for 3-d objects to be displayed).

    You could do this on your website also. Depending on the age of your students, you could have them fill out a form telling things about themselves that they want others to know, and you could post that info on the web. You could have them take the form home Friday and return it Monday- then you could do the website Monday night and it would stay up a full week until the next student returns their slip the following Monday.

    If you go in abc order, then the students can plan out when they will be star of the week. You could also randomly draw numbers, do reverse abc order, or do boy/girl.

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