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    Classroom money
    By Chris

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    I've worked a money system with my 5th graders. I figured out a wage schedule so that I was paying them a salary. Like being present $1.00, Staying all day $1.00, having homework $2.00, finishing all work on time $3.00, reading quietly when finished $2.00, not getting in trouble that day $3.00 etc. I not only paid them for appropriate behavior I made them pay for privileges: drink of water $1.00, Bathroom break $2.00 (they could also drink at this time) computer time $3.00, etc. They also had to pay me for breaking the rules. Example: If they broke the no talking rule they would owe me 2.00 or something like that, depending on your rules and the ones they tend to break the most often. At the end of the grading period-- six weeks were I am-- I would get a few things from the dollar store and have a small auction. I used some of the small paper money you can buy in Walmart etc., but there were quite a few instances of thievery. I think that a check book with deposits and withdrawals would work really well, it prevents thievery and teaches the life skill of keeping a checkbook and writing checks. I did allow my students to borrow from each other but told them that it was their problem if their friend did not pay them back. This again is a life skill. Friday's were paydays. If a child was in the black they got an extra $5.00 bonus, if they were in the red-- they owed me money we had consequence. List of Classroom jobs that needed to be done for specific payment, lunch/recess detention for so much owed, etc. Consequences for being in the red need to be figured out per child and situation. My students really loved it and thoroughly enjoyed teasing the other students by telling them that they had to give me $2.00 to go to the bathroom. My administrator like the idea as well. Hope this helps.

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