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    By sandy

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    One thing my mentor did for me (and I have tried to do for others when I mentored) was very helpful. Whenever you are dealing with office paperwork, setting up your grade book, ordering, planning a field trip, preparing for report cards, etc. just stop by her room and say, "I was just going to set up my grade book (or whatever) and I was wondering if you needed help with that or would like to see mine?" You might ask her how she's going to do something or if she's thought about how she'll handle something to give her a chance to think and talk through some issues with you. The problem is we get so busy in our classrooms that we don't think of all of the new things that keep bombarding a new teacher. Just as you set up your own classroom or prepare lesson plans, etc. take a look and see if there's something there your mentee could benefit from. Good luck! (I was a mentor my 2nd year...if I could do it, you surely can!)

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