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    By Rebecca

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    I try not to give a whole lot of homework but some is important to reinforce what you learned that day. Studying spelling words is a ongoing assignment each week with ABC Order on Mon. night. When we begin multiplication, they MUST work on these at home as well. I might give an English, S. Studies, Science two or three times a week; it all depends on if I think they need more practice or not. We do Saxon Math so they have a worksheet that is homework every night but they can use the front side (completed in class) to help them if need be. They also need to read 15 min. a night.

    I give some time during the day to get a jumpstart on homework. Some get all their assignments done with the exception of reading 15 min.

    Just remember, if they are having trouble with homework (say just doing 10 problems of a concept then they aren't going to get it in 30 problems of homework) you will need to find another approach to help them understand the concept then give additional practice.

    Personally, I collect homework as we do the subject but I know that some take it all up in the morning. I just like to ask if there were any questions on homework while we are doing that subject so I can see if there is something they didn't understand. I'm all about feedback and communication from my students!

    I check homework and return it to them but I don't usually take a grade from a homework assignment( very rarely). I also use missed problems on homework as mini lessons and review(without saying anyone's name or mistake).

    Students are expected to do all assignments given. If not, then they sign the "rule book" which results in a checkmark on weekly reports. They miss recess until they have completed it.

    Hope this helps some!

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