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    behavior tracking chart
    By pamela

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    I don't give my students anything to keep track of their card colors, but I do keep a chart (which you could hang, so that students and parents can look at it anytime) which is a VERY, VERY convenient way to keep track of who is flipping more cards than they should be. It's the size of a large posterboard, and it comes pre-printed with lines down the side and across the top, and small squares for the grid part. I write the students' names along the left column, and the dates across the top, then each day I use markers to fill in the colors they received. My starting color is white, so I get white posterboard. That way, if they had a white card and kept it all day (which hopefully most of them do) I don't have to waste precious time filling in a color. I simply color in green or yellow, etc., for any student who flipped a card.
    One other note:
    Many of these pre-printed posterboards that I'm talking about come in the vertical position, which doesn't allow you to write as many dates across the top. I prefer the ones that are printed in the horizontal position, that way you can fit almost a whole marking period worth of dates across the top.
    Good luck!

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