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    By Helen

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    As some of the other posters told you, be careful of allergies and that most of the work will be on you. Consider your climate and if the heat is turned off in your school at night and during holidays too.
    I have had gerbils, hamsters,a guinea pig, hermit crabs and fish..we also have hatched duck eggs but that is a different story. For simplicity I would vote for the hermit crab, then the fish. Hamsters and gerbils fight if you put two together and they happen to be both males, if you put two together and they are opposites..well, what are you going to do with the offspring or if they decide to do there thing during class while the kiddos are observing....Things to think of. Guinea pig was the worst pet for me..very messy.
    A coworker's daughter brought her a precious rabbit this year. Her students loved it and it loved them. When they came in in the a.m. it bagan to have a fit running around its cage and begging to be petted and Let out. It hopped around her romm during much of the day and it was nothing to see a student on the computer taking AR tests and reaching down to scratch the rabbit on the floor. I kinda think this might be the exception though and who is going to sweep up the floor?????? something to consider.
    I do know that kids like animals. And I have enjoyed keeping them in class but you have to go back during holidays and feed or you have to take them home with you or send them with a student and as some said what about summer?
    Think it through and do your research before you make the leap.

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