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    organizing guided reading
    By Julianne

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    I use a plastic tub with clipboards. (I love clipboards...) I have a photocopied page where I can list the book the students are working on and their focus strategy. Beneath that form is any information I need for the book, some running record forms and usually a form for my focus student. One clipboard for each group. As I call a group I just pick up the clipboard and grab their set of books. While the students are reading I can jot notes on my cover page about what I think they will need next, how individual students are reading and anything else I might think up. I can also jot notes about my focus student and I have a running record sheet at hand to use when I need to. I mark on my cover sheet which child I do a record on and the date. That way I can keep track of who still needs to be evaluated. When we are finished with a book we put it in their familiar read basket and I choose the next book, band it and set it in my plastic tub with the clipboard. It works for me and is less messy that a number of other methods I've tried, including doing the whole thing in a three-ring binder. (Hated it.) As to folders, I teach first grade and our students don't have many folders that they keep themselves. At midyear last year I gave them centers folders. It took a GREAT DEAL of work to get them using those properly. We use a notebook for a journal, but nothing else. If you're teaching an older grade folders that the students keep track of might work better.

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