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    mark book
    By Dedi

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    Some people use the term "marks" for grades. I assume Erin is asking how to set up her grade book. I would suggest having a different page for each objective to be marked on the report card. So for example, on our report cards, there are about ten different subcategories that we grade under "mathematics"-- i.e. basic facts, computation, problem solving, measurement, time, money, graphs and probability, geometry, fractions, etc. Instead of having a page for test grades, a page for homework, etc., I have a page for grades related to each of these objectives. As you progress through the term, it jumps out at you which topics need more practice and/or more grades, and they're already organized for you when it comes time to do report cards.

    I also use the class roster sheet (the kind that's already a grid of sorts) printed by the office for my grades-- Instead of a commercial grade book, I make several copies of this sheet, hole punch them and keep them in a binder. That way, you don't have to write their names out over and over, and if you need to add another page for one of your objectives, you can easily put it in the right place.

    This works well for me, but I'd love to hear what other people do-- it just may give me a great idea!

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