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    By Nicole

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    I use my homework grades in place of participation grades.

    I have a grid for each subject. They have eleven spaces for each kid. This way I can count every assignment 10 points. The last spot is for the grade. I can also see how homework directly affects their test grades. If they didn't do six assignments for that unit---- Well, I know why they made a C, etc.

    How I collect:

    I only teach Lang. Arts. So, I have a tray for spelling words that are done Monday-Thursday nights. When they come in on these mornings, they immedaitely turn JUST spelling homework into the tray. At the beginning of the year I show them an exact procedure for writing their words---- this cuts down on me counting the wrods. I quickly check this while they are unpacking & writing that night's homework into assignment pads.

    English & Reading I like to check the answers with them & this can sometimes serve as a review or a quick way to connect to the day's lesson. So, I call each student up in number order to show me if the work is complete before I teach that certain subject. Praise is given on the SPOT!!!! It's quick & easy. I also chart this on the grid mentioned above.

    Good luck!!!

    P.S. The grid is also a GREAT way of documenting for SLBC meetings or conflicts with parents over these grades. They are NOT subjective ---- like participation grades can be!

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