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    Reading groups
    By Nicole

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    I am also having a bit a trouble with groups staying busy while I focus on six or seven kids.

    I started having all the kids meet at the same time. I would do three groups in sixty minutes.

    My school system wants us to use this time to have the kids read and review skills for that story.

    So, I spend my time making a "center" activity for these groups on their level--- on the skill I think they need to review.

    So, my low group reads & one activity could be they have to draw the problem & solution on a dry rease board or I give them a list of events & they find the causes by coloring, etc.---- Very high interest for this group.

    Average or one level group ---- I have them read, predict, and they have to find three words they don't know & using context skills figure them out or draw a picture with a caption explaining the word. Or, they have to identify the story elements or rewite the ending.

    High or above grade level, they will write a paragraph on the skill we are focusing on or make a chart showing three cause & effect relationships.

    This can be time consuming, because I have to read all three books & come up with something creative. But, I only had to this for one year & now I can improve them--- if needed.

    Hint--- if you do make traditional "centers," try to make them so they could go with ANY reading series or book. This will help if you move schools or when they change your basil.

    Good Luck!

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