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    you're passing the blame again
    By z, again

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    That, however, is beside the point. It is not his job to evaluate how they behave for him, but rather how his staff interacts with his students. Just because the students weren't well-behaved when he walked in the room doesn't necessarily make their behavior his fault. If students in our building act up when the principal walks in, then he expects us to get them back under control. After all, it is OUR room, OUR students, OUR management program. We need to prove it works. IF this principal is as bad as you say, then are other teachers complaining? Are you the only one who had to resign? Are you the only one he picked on? If he is such a tyrant, why isn't your union involved? You do have rights. Again, I still think there is much more to this story than just your version. You can't blame it on the students, the district, the region, and everything else. SOME of the blame has to lie with you. I know you probably think I am terrible, and that I don't know the whole story, so I shouldn't be saying anything, but I don't think you are telling the whole story either. I am quite skeptical of your experience and a bit leary of your version. Level with us and tell us the WHOLE story.

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