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    Student teaching verses first year
    By Jay

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    Honestly, how did you ever graduate with a college degree and pass student
    I made A s in my classes. I got a wonderful evaluation that I am proud of. I miss the maturity of the students I had in Student Teaching (11th graders are the best). My evaluating professor and teacher in the classroom gave me an excellent evaluation and told me the other day if I needed a reference to use him as a reference. (I told him how I missed his students everyday LOL). I left student teaching excited about teaching. I never had one student in student teaching to disrespect me but first year in the classroom was a different story. I miss the good evaluations and positive experiences with the students I had in student teaching. What happened?? Different region. DIfferent students. Different administrators. I am the same person I was during both experiences. If my student teaching experience had been bad then I might have felt differently. I also had good experiences subbing. But last year was a nightmare. Why not whine and complain?

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