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    enough of your whining already!
    By z

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    Come on, Jay. How hard is it to keep kids in their assigned seats? You simply say, "This is your assigned seat, if you are not in it, I am marking you absent for this class period." If that doesn't work, you remove them from the room by either sending them elsewhere or sending for an adult to come and take them. The problem is not the rules of the school, the principal, the students, block scheduling, the dress code, showing videos, or anything like that. The problem is you and your lack of assertiveness, your inability to manage a classroom, and your finger-pointing at everything but that which really did go wrong. Honestly, how did you ever graduate with a college degree and pass student teaching? I find it tremendously hard to believe that you could have had such a great student teaching experience and no problems whatsoever and then landed in the job from hell and it was in NO WAY your fault. I really think that you are leaving out some important details in your posts when you complain. I would love to hear from your principal, colleagues, and students. Clearly, your version of your teaching year is one-sided and finds fault with everyone but you! It is getting quite discouraging to keep listening to you! Sorry if this is harsh, but it's pretty clear that the only advice you want to hear is advice that affirms your opinions.

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