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    Jay you are making me sick!
    By Ugh

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    Dear, dear Jay. You are so out of line right now. I know you can not possibly be as immature and self-centered as you appear here. Dude, get a life. Really. Better yet, since you want this board to be all about you-go and get an online diary or a blog. You don't want advice, so why are you here? You simply are talking to yourself over and over again. Your narratives are ridiculous and it makes you sound really childish and just plain weird.

    I've held my tongue for a long time watching you make this not the "Middle School" board, but the "Jay" board. I keep coming back because you humor me with your posts; it's like a wreck that you can't look away from.

    Brian was saying that you were being discriminatory because you mentioned the age of your principal, implying that it was a factor in the reason that he was acting a certain way to you. The fact is, his age has nothing to do with his behavior-so why even mention it?

    Jay, please. People on this board have offered you advice and you never respond to them. It's like you enjoy talking to yourself over and over again by posting the same stuff on different days. Spend some time trying to fix the things that were wrong in your classroom because they were all a direct result of YOUR choices and you obviously can't see that. You are so quick to blame others in your school, but you really should realize it's all about you.

    Keep posting because I do love to read the trainwreck that is your life.

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