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    subtraction with regrouping
    By Lona

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    One thing that I did last year was to use unit cubes. (You should use either a pocket chart or the overhead projector)
    Example: 231
    - 125
    To represent the number 231 I had 2 hundred "cubes" 3 ten cubes and one single cube. We then tried to subtract 125. The students quickly saw that they could not take five cubes away from 1, and they noticed that if we went next door we had to take a ten and break it up into single units for us to use in the ones. Then we could take 5 away and we had 6 left over.
    The visual definately helped my students.
    I hope this makes sense because I think I am confusing myself...

    I also then have students use the cubes and large place value mats to practice the concept. They can use dice to help them think of numbers to subtract and write the problems on math paper.

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